Dancing Silhouettes EP

by Go Icarus

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All songs composed, recorded and mixed by Martin Silva at his home studio in Arequipa, Peru.
Mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering Studio


released June 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Go Icarus Arequipa, Peru

Singer/songwriter from Arequipa, Peru

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Track Name: Hallelujah (feat. Birow)
Hallelujah all the time
We've been born and we will die
We've been wrong and we've been right
Sure thing is we're here tonight

Complications will arise
We can hate or we can love
Thoughts can crawl inside our minds
Eat away our very life

Get yourself up and clean the dirt from your face
Love yourself, you don't
Now's the time

You'll find a treasure inside
Stop, stop looking outside
Feel your story in your hands
Don't, don't ever give up

Should have would have now you know
Should you have to choose again
Bless new opportunities
Bless all dawns it's never late
Track Name: Hello Music
You may find me on my own

But I am not

Here's the music

It keeps me warm from inside

It goes uuhh as it fills every hole in my soul

So I play more

I let go and I am swept off my mind as I sing

So I am thankful

Sometimes I think aloud so you hear me

Sometimes thoughts turn to words and you are with me

Hello music what have I done to deserve you

Where do you come from are you God, is this love

Ero une.. is this love?

There's the silence that comes next

When you are done

And the breathing brings you back

You are alive

And you don't have to worry my son everything

Will be OK

So I grab my guitar and I play until it hurts

This feels OK
Track Name: Dancing Silhouettes
You and I said no, it's dead
You and I said no, it's gone
Will it come back
I don't know, just don't
Should we lose hope
No, I can't, I won't
The stars above don't shine, she said
Staring at my soul, they don't
Her lips whispered, I don't know, please go
Her hands let go, tears would flow, I am gone

Yeah the sun still shines for free in my face
I can take this now

We can always hide in the night become silhouettes
We can always just smile and love have no regrets
We can always find the light of day
We should always thank for every breath

The days go by we've changed we've grown
The world premieres its darkest show
Will we stand and watch, I can't, I won't
Will we close our eyes, pretend we're blind
The stars above do shine, look up
They twinkle every night for us
I think I will go outside and feel loved
Animals and plants don't hate, just love

You and I can dance along the edge of cliffs the ocean's beautiful
You and I can face our fears and live our dreams, why not?

We've been born with open hearts and open minds
I want to feel the stars again don't
Tell me I can't fly
Track Name: Heartbeat (feat. Cita)
I am feeling scared I will
Go to bed and try to sleep
Sleep away all these fears
'Cause only then will my
Tired heart get some rest
And I can finally be at peace

Peace I don’t deserve
And I try to relax
And I try to be gone from this world
But I love it so much

Inside of me there’s a war between me and myself
And it’s keeping me up
There are thoughts and actions and then
Come reactions and then
It’s me wondering why, why, why
I won’t be at peace
I can’t ever feel free

Freedom I don’t deserve
But it’s been granted to me
And I try to be gone from this world
But I love it so much