Stay Or rise

by Go Icarus

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All songs composed, recorded and mixed by Martin Silva at his home studio in Arequipa, Peru. Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio


released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Go Icarus Arequipa, Peru

Singer/songwriter from Arequipa, Peru

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Track Name: L'amour in Ancient Greece
You took my breath away
I guess I lost my mind trying to love
I fell through the emptiness to climb back again
And find myself in you

I know it seems hard but in the end
I know I found what never dies
In my heart there’s only love
Don’t be scared, there’s only light

We both knew this could be so hard so beautiful
They told us too young such a shame for us
Some foresaw the end so unusual
Necessary to go and live like animals
To be able to love

You should know by now that I am little crazy
That feeling was truly here to stay
So get on my flying soul and let’s make history
Let’s share infinity

It’s not that hard to truly love
When you know there’s nothing else
That will make you happy just
Say you’re tired of suffering

Now that it's over love and its consequences are my only souvenir
There comes a time when dreams just fade away, while we just watch
I regret nothing because I know I did my best
And I would have loved you 'till stars all burn out

So I will follow you
We should follow
You should follow
They should follow you
I will follow my dreams and never say I can't
Don't look back no, this moment's all you've got
Track Name: Conversations
The conversations just come and go
There's something better than this I know
The conversations just come and go
The conversations just...
Track Name: Stay Or Rise
In my own time
I’ll do what’s best for me
In my own way
I’ll choose and I’ll be free

Some of our time
We’re there but lost in space
Some of our time
It’s not enough

The stars tonight
The perfect sight
Your smiling face
I can’t replace

Uhhh I want to hold you tight
Uhhh I want to float
Uhhh I want something magical
Uhhh the rules just gone
Yeah there’s something more
Uhhh when you let go

So I want to find
What’s hidden in your eyes
So I want to try
To feel the world inside

This song tonight
I cannot stop
You’re beautiful
The end just fades

Soon I will follow the signs that light sky
Many colors I find we’ve always been beautiful
Soon my soul will decide to stay or rise to loving arms
Stay or rise, my place has always been with you
Track Name: Victoria
There's a soul inside and it wants to be found
We're a social kind and we're born to be loved
There's a world outside that’s wondering what the hell went wrong
And you're fine fine fine…

But you're so uptight and never feel alive
Your thoughts consume your mind
You slowly lose control

I haven't seen you in a long time Victoria
And if you do feel alone now come back to us

We feel lonely struggling against our imposed needs
We believe that it's in our nature to be weak
We are so convinced that we're not in our hands
So if you are free you freely accept that happiness won't come

Decide decide decide….
I haven't seen you in a long time Victoria
And if you do feel alone now come back to us
I'll try to do what I can for you, for Gloria
I'll fight for you and for me, now
'Cause we've had enough
Track Name: Angels In Hell
Have you fallen from the sky?
Have you run away?
Are you lost in any way?
Should I call for help?
Because your are so far down
And you know you might get hurt
I would show around
But I am afraid I am lost as well

I saw you fall
I saw you shine
You are the first ever angel in hell
Trying to find a way

Was it nice to be up there?
Why on earth would someone leave?
Is it true that there’s no pain
No anger no blame
Because you are so far down
And you know people here do get hurt

Don´t let yourself be fooled
We people are not blind we´re just a bit confused
So if you want to bring attention to you
Well cover yourself in gold and you´ll be good to go
Track Name: Stop
Just close your eyes and stop
Let time be time
Let yourself be you
Get some air inside your lungs
Feel your body burst with life
There’s something inside

Something full of love
Peaceful and yours
That wants to get out
So let love flow and don’t be just fine
Do you know how long you’ve got?
To be only fine
Track Name: Tidal Waves
Like baby tidal waves we take to the open sea
As a falling tree that’s just been cut wonders what’s going on

Shine, you’re beautiful won’t you shine

Because you’re perfect in every way
Hear the birds singing when you walk by
As the world celebrates your every breath
See this moment and make it your own

Try to sing loud
Try to jump high
Try to reach the stars tonight
Go and dance like it’s just you and the moon

Like a full grown tidal wave we destroy everything we find
As we search for happiness outside our very hearts

Don’t try to paint the world with the colors of your mind
Paint your mind with the colors of the world

Let it inside…
Track Name: My shelter
Shelter me oh mighty sound from my mind
Cause when thoughts take over nothing seems alright
Lift me with you into the night
Let the stars come closer and twinkle if they want

If you want to sing, sing to me now
If you want to cry, I'll hug you so tight
If you want to play, you know what I like
If you want to love, begin with your life

Take my hand and trust me now there's no greater thing than love
It flows through us we breathe it in then breathe it out weather we want or not
So shelter us from sanity oh mighty music
Cause if love takes over all shall be as one
Track Name: Beating Signs
A song inside my head
Explodes in many colors
My fault and I turn red
My hundred good intentions
I sing to you in bed
I sing to you again
And I want to save the day
It's my human nature

Uhhhh the signs too loud
Beating fast
Uhhhh the signs today
We can't afford more time
Uhhhh decide today
And think no more
Uhhhh decide today

My fault and I let go
My dreams to big to follow
I know I can't be there
But you'll be here for ever
Track Name: Away
This peaceful melody will find its way to you today
In your dreams where we can stay together everyday
And possible is everything

This peaceful melody will close the gap between
Our souls so you can feel the love that’s pouring out of me
And going to waist when you are away

Is my light of day
Is my reason to stay

I hope this song can bring some peace and joy to you my dear
To wherever you may be, and however you might feel
I hope this calm can make you strong

When you are down and it’s too much
And this world won’t’ do its part
Well close your eyes and find what’s good inside you
And let love guide your way when you are away